Thursday, July 21, 2011

Italian popular gestures

When I met my husband back in China in a bar where I used to sing, he and some of his friends would make some hands gestures to us(my band). I think it was the only way to communicate that time cos you know, bars are sooo loud. So Davide would brush his shoulders with his hands or rub his chin with his hands and I would be like "what the heck are you doing?!" It was so funny! I wasn't aware that they are so popular in Italy and that there are hundreds of them.
Little did I know that after less than four years of living here in Italy..I would be unconsciously doing these Italian hand gestures myself! My father-in-law joked that in Naples they don't need to talk anymore, instead they just use their hands. Well, that was a joke but I heard that It's somehow true. No offense intended!
Oh and I have a lot of funny anecdotes about it but let's not go there..LOL!
here are JUST A FEW of them !

It's a must to learn a few! You'll fit right in! But be warned cos instead of gesturing 'let's go' ...I accidentally gestured 'f@#+ off!' !!! LMAO

by: Alfredo Cassano

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pretty pearls

I bought some pearl necklaces this afternoon as an accessories for the party that I'm attending this weekend!
They are not real but i think they are just as beautiful as the real ones.
And did you know that fake pearls in Europe is more expensive tan the real ones in Asia?! yes it's true!

I come from the Philippines and my country is also known as "The pearl of the Orient". The Philippine pearls are greyish in color but are unbelievably beautiful. I don't own real pearls yet but they are surely on my wishlist. Hubby...please..! LOL!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Churches in Italy: Basilica di Superga, Turin

On a clear sunny day the Basilica di Superga is visible to almost every part of Turin. I can see it from my house. The church is one of the main tourist spots of the city.

The Basilica di Superga is a church built on the top of the Superga hills in the vicinity of Turin.

1.became the final resting place of the Savoys
2.the dome has an expectacular view of the city
3.In 1949 a plane carrying the entire Turin football team crashed into the basilica in thick fog, killing all on board. Their tomb rests at the rear of the church.

Superga from afar

The winding staircase of 131 steps takes you up to the domes ballustrade,which offers an amazing view of the city

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

everything sweet

I'm a sucker for sweets :)



halo-halo,Filipino summer dessert

dunkin donuts (they don't exist in Italy..ufff)

goldilocks cake

Obviously,these aren't Italian desserts,but they're some of my favourites. The next post will be all about Italian sweets :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday @ Aquajoy

Last Sunday was one the hottest days of the year! 40 degrees in Rome and because Turin is in the northern part of Italy it's slightly lower by 3 degrees! LOL! Anyway, we spend the morning splashing at Aquajoy, local a waterpark. The owner are our personal friends and they were so sweet to invite us! It was so full! Nevertheless , Matty had so much fun and Davide got suntanned ( a lil bit ) while I got burnt ! lol!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

cute bikinis

Bikinis are always in style. And in Italy there are tons of shops where you can buy only bikinis or swimwear! These shops are always packed as soon as the temperature rises! Here are some of the bikinis I collected over the years and some of the latest ones I've purchased!

mix and match,heartprint haltered triangle and the pink string bottom-OVS. printed white bikini-Goldenlady.

This is one of my favourite, i bought it in Isola d'Elba during our first holiday in Italy almost 5 years ago! blue riversible string bikini-XOXO

retroprint string bikini-SieLeiMare. black bandeau top and bottom,you can never go wrong with black bikinis!

I like mixing and matching, red string bikini top-Tex and red polkadot bottom-Calzedonia. embellished string top and black bikini bottom-crocetta market

striped string bikini-H&M

The trend this summer is the bandeau top! hotpink bandeau top - sisi aqua
and black bikini bottom

A girl can't have too many bikinis! So find the bikini that fits you ( rule no.1 try it on!) Goodluck with your bikini shopping!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Buster's coffee in Torino

I have heard about the openning of an American coffee shop! Infact I've been planning to go there for like forever! Then one Saturday afternoon, my boo and I decided to get my belly button pierced (well, he DECIDED). And so we were looking for this tatto/piercing shop in Piazza Statuto, when I saw... guess what? Right next to the tattoo shop...? Yes, It was the talk of the town... BUSTERS COFFEE!
What a milestone for the Italian coffee culture! Well, as you know Italians are coffee drinkers, from espresso to cafe' machiato to thousands of coffee that i've never heard before! anyway, drinking coffee is one of the few things that I have adapted living here.I drink ginseng coffee, but every once in a while I would love me some cheesecake and an American coffee!

I had caramel coffee and a slice of cheesecake,hubby had vanilla coffee and a large white chocolate biscuit ! It was all yummmyyy!